Why is it Important to Eat Dinner ?

Some people completely stop eating as little as possible to lose weight or maintain weight. They treat the food as an enemy and obstacle on the way to feel-good weight. The result is dissatisfaction when trying to delete something so essential and yet it does not bring the desired success. Last but not least, it is not very healthy. So how do you eat dinner best? As a small guide, you will learn today ” Why is it Important to Eat Dinner ?”

Let’s know first why people refuse to eat dinner.

Most people refuse to eat after six in the evening to lose weight or keep a figure. Nutritionists are confident that this approach is fundamentally wrong.

You can not go to bed on an empty stomach, the best time for dinner – 3 hours before bedtime. This is enough to not be hungry and that the stomach digests food. So let’s go in details about “Why is it Important to Eat Dinner?”

eating dinner

A bit of theory

To lose weight, the body must burn calories. This is due to metabolism.

During the process of losing weight, as well as to maintain the shape, it is necessary to accelerate the metabolism. And this is done with food. The secret lies in products, servings, and regularity. The ideal menu of a person is 5-6 meals per day. Portions should be small, foods – healthy and dietary. This also includes so-called snacks.

When you are hungry and do not eat – the body inhibits the process of metabolism. When you finally eat, the process will start, but it will be slow.


So, now you want to refuse dinner or not?
 It is fraught with both weight and health. However, what can you eat without worrying about the figure? For dinner – perfect protein with fiber. That is meat (fish) and salad. And the second perfect dinner, if you go to bed after midnight – low-fat cottage cheese. Casein, which is rich in cottage cheese, is very slowly digested and hunger does not come long enough. It can be eaten one hour before bedtime.

In the evening it is better not to indulge in garnishes, flour and sweet. You can try this kind of food in the morning.


To lose weight or maintain a body is important not to stop the process of metabolism. Eat every 2-3 hours in small portions, eat only fresh and healthy foods, lean on carbohydrates in the morning, lean on proteins in the evening, and your figure will take on the desired shape in 2-3 months.

dinner table

A good and proper dinner is a quality rest at night and a quick recovery of the body after a busy day!

Now you know: Why is it Important to Eat Dinner? So let’s know What not to eat for dinner and what we should!

What not to eat for dinner?


Sugar and flour of the highest grade – all this very quickly raises the level of sugar in the blood, but after a sweet cake this one also falls rapidly and I want to eat with a new force. In addition, it is refined products that are primarily deposited on the hips. After industrial processing, there is nothing useful in them, and glucose and starch – as many as you like.


Usually, we eat refined rice. And he is too well absorbed. There are a lot of starches and, accordingly, fast carbohydrates. So it is better to refuse rice and other cereals in the afternoon.

Smoked meats and sausages

Smoked meat, boiled and smoked sausage, cold boiled pork and other goodies contain the amino acid tyramine. It increases the production of norepinephrine, a substance responsible for the production of nerve impulses. Its excess excites our brain, does not allow to fall asleep. They do not say that smoked meat is too fat and harmful.

Red meat

Especially fried, but also baked or boiled is also not worth it. The fact is that red meat contains a large amount of tyrosine, which increases the level of adrenaline. Therefore, it is best to eat it in the morning, in the evening the adrenaline level will return to normal and you will be able to sleep peacefully. As a light protein component of dinner, you can advise white poultry meat and lean fish.

The nuts

They are very high in calories and very fat. Think of a handful of nuts contains up to 600 Kcal. This is more than half the daily diet for losing weight. Those who do not go on diets yet must avoid nuts. Too much fat in them (albeit useful), for the last meal of the day – not very healthy and easily digestible food.


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Even a small piece of dark chocolate in the afternoon will cause great harm to the cause of losing weight, and well-being. Firstly, it contains too much sugar, that is, fast carbohydrates, and secondly, it contains caffeine. So chocolate, as well as other sweets, is recommended to eat only in the morning.

Sweet fruit

Grapes, apricots, peaches, watermelon, cantaloupe – healthy foods, but contain a lot of sugars, fast carbohydrates. So it is advisable to abandon them in the evening and eat them only in the morning. It is also better not to eat dried fruit.

And, if you feel that you cannot give up dessert in the evening, grapes are better than cake.


Salted and pickled vegetables are too heavy for the stomach, they often cause heartburn, which can cover even not immediately after dinner, but just when you go to sleep.

Horseradish and mustard

Horseradish and mustard, or rather spicy sauces based on them, are the things that sleep well and for a long time. In addition, in the afternoon, the gastrointestinal tract is not so active and may not cope with spicy food,  and this can cause heartburn and other discomforts.

Fast food

It goes without saying, but we still include hamburgers and other “fast food” in the list. Such products are very fatty, salty, often spicy, they have a lot of sugar. Fat cutlets on the buns are poured with sweet sauce. It is generally very harmful, and in the evening – all the more. A hard stomach, at a minimum, is provided to you for the whole night.

Dinner Picture

What to eat for dinner?

“The ideal dinner is easily digestible protein: eggs, seafood, lean fish, sometimes (!) Fat. If you are very hungry, eat white meat.

Add to this vegetables with a minimum sugar content: green lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, celery, all kinds of cabbage, asparagus, radishes, spinach, etc. You can make a vegetable stew or salad. “


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So now you know why is important to eat dinner and additionally what to eat and what to avoid completely to stay healthy!

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