Why is it Important to Eat Healthy

Why is it Important to Eat Healthy

Nowadays, we eat what was advertised best! We really don’t know Why is it Important to Eat Healthy . The issue of quality and healthy nutrition in each person is most relevant. The modern speed of life, the impossibility of a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner negatively affect one’s health, especially in this conditions it is important to develop and maintain healthy food as well as healthy eating habits. Our body receives almost all the necessary substances through food and water. The composition of food products and their properties directly affect our health, physical state, working ability, emotional state and, most importantly “quality and longevity.” There is no another factor that would have such a serious impact on the human body. Still didn’t get ” Why is it Important to Eat Healthy ?

Nutrition – The main base of Life and Health

Why is the need for proper nutrition so important to us? Because our way of life has become too “wrong”. Day by day, our health is undermined by unfavorable ecology, lack of proper nutrients, stresses and diseases. Nowadays no one has time for full meal, so we have to eat instant food or fast food and this leads to diseases of the stomach, overweight, improper changes in blood pressure eventually leads to heart or other major diseases.

Nutrition is associated with all the vital functions of the body. It is the source of the development of tissues and cells, their constant renewal, the saturation of human energy. Malnutrition – both excessive and inadequate – can cause significant damage to human health at any age of person!

What is the right way to eat healthy?

You can find so many theories, and almost every day there are new ones! And honestly, all of them are misguiding us somehow. Someone stands for a complete rejection of meat, someone proclaims raw food diet as a panacea for all diseases and ills, and someone is developing combinations of products that supposedly allow the body to achieve complete nutritional harmony. In fact, any dietary restrictions can hardly be considered useful and acceptable to all. Because it mainly depends on how you eat, in other terms if you eat the right food wrong way then it’s not going to help you.

Right Food + Right Way = Healthy Food

The human body is a very complex system, for its normal functioning, it requires both meat and vegetable food or either one. Proper nutrition is “not in the control of calories and strict diets”, but in providing the body with a complete diet, which includes all the necessary products for it: meat, cereals, vegetables, fruits!

Healthy Food
How to Eat Healthy ?

  • Forget about fast food and try not to abuse sweet.
  • Eat as much as possible seasonal products – they contain the maximum nutrients.
  • Always use naturally grown (organic) vegetables and fruits only.
  • Limit the use of refined products as much as possible: sugar, vegetable oil, white wheat flour, refined white rice.
  • It is much better to eat whole grain instead of white bread, and to replace refined sugar with brown one or Jagger or even honey!
  • Drink water as much as you can! Tea, coffee, and juices can’t replace water.
  • Avoid usage of Packaged foods and drinks. Stop drinking cold drinks like coke or flavored soda completely –  they contain too much sugar.
  • Do not forget about protein foods. Proteins are necessary for the body to build muscle tissue, replace obsolete cells.

 Avoid This Types of Food at Any Cost

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Sweet pastries, especially with high sugar content.
  • Chips, popcorn, crackers, salted nuts.
  • Deep fried food.
  • Any semi-finished products and concentrates: dry mashed potatoes, instant noodles, etc.
  • Ready-made factory sauces, including mayonnaise!
  • Smoked meats, sausages too!
  • All type of Fast food.
  • Packaged juices, carbonated drinks.

” Why is it Importance to Eat Healthy ?” Still unsure about it? Let’s go more deeper!

“Discipline” and “just eat less” is not the way

In connection with the desire to lose weight, I regularly hear – so about once a week – the sentence: the main thing is to eat fewer calories than you consume Or if the calorie balance is correct, you automatically lose weight Or you just have to be disciplined and eat less, then it works.

The. Right. Easy. Not. (!)

Food is not equal to calories. Food is information

Whether I eat 100kcal of broccoli or 100kcal of Smarties – that does not have the same effect in the body! Everything we eat ends up in our digestive system. And during this digestion, the food is absorbed into our bloodstream. And our blood creates our cells, our tissues, our organs and even our thoughts!

We think differently, whether we eat pizza and burgers or broccoli and tomatoes. We feel different, whether we drink coke or water.


Healthy Food Picture

Everything we eat ends up in our Blood

We are made up of what we eat. Where else should our body take the substances to repair our cells, grow our hair and nails to produce hormones and enzymes, if not through food?

Example 1: Inflammation-promoting vs. anti-inflammatory

When I eat inflammatory and insulin-enhancing foods, such as sweets or ready-to-serve pizza, this also promotes stress and fat buildup in our body. Then I can even eat under-caloric and still do not take off!

Example 2: fatty acids

If my body wants to repair the wall of a cell, it needs fatty acids for it. If he gets high-quality and healthy fats from us, he will use them to carry out his repair work.

However, if he has only low quality hardened fats available, then he uses them too! This then leads to the cell wall becoming harder or more rigid. And what we get for problems, if our cells are not supple and elastic, you can imagine.

Example 3: Nutrition deficit leads to overeating

A third and final example: If we eat inferior food with too little nutrients, then sooner or later our body will fall into a nutrient deficit. And it’s been proven today: nutrient deprivation leads to chronic overeating because our body is starving us until it feels like we’re getting the nutrients we need.


How is that with you? is it Important to Eat Healthy ?

 Yes Or No

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